Version Release date New features Fixes Other
v1.21 2011-12-20 • Optimizations and new year improvements
v1.20 2011-12-08 • Advent Calendar: Visit every day and receive a holiday task and a unique decoration as a gift!
• Place a Christmas Tree and decorate it.
• New special bonuses - Perks! Collect profits, experience and items for you professionals even faster!
v1.11 2011-11-10 • Levels 31-32 with new buildings and ventures
• New daily bonuses - items, professionals, exclusive buildings and even CountryBucks!
• New localizations: Spanish, French and Italian are now supported.
• There are buildings, items and professionals to be seen from beyond level 32, so there will probably be another upgrade/expansion soon.
v1.10 2011-10-12 • Welcome Dracula and the grinning Jack-o'-Lanterns and their new Halloween tasks!
• A new neighbor has appeared! Visit him now!
• Haunted Halloween buildings! Decorate your country for a spooky party!
v1.09.1 2011-10-06 • New Mystery Quest and Timed Quests with item awards! • If you were unable to get into the game in the past week - please update the game to the current version
v1.09 2011-10-05 • New Mystery Quest and Timed Quests with item awards! • If you were unable to get into the game in the past week - please update the game to the current version
v1.08 2011-09-29 • Added Mute sound & music button • Improvements of "professionals" screen, "zoom button" and other screens on mobile phones • Upgrade to 1.08 and instantly get a new promotional discount for CountryBucks and Game Dollars!
• Magic Chests are here! Grab Wooden, Silver or Golden Chest to get a wide selection of items for professionals including rare ones
v1.07 2011-09-22 • Level 30 unlocked! • Multiple bug-fixes
v1.06 2011-09-09 • New "World Tour pack ft. most popular monuments from across the world! • Multiple bugfixes • Find Saphire in your city to get new ultimate game currency discount!
• German language support
v1.05 2011-09-01 • Visit Mary's Country, complete a new ventures line-up and get bonuses from a friendly city on a daily basis!
• Build a Helipad (Level 15) to launch new missions!
• Plenty of fixes related to bugs, stability and game usability! • Coming this week: new rare buildings!
v1.04 2011-08-25 • Warehouse: hide your unused buildings in there
• Notifications to remind you to collect and sign contracts on time
• Continue playing from the same place when you receive a call
• Dozens of fixes to stability, payments and save games
• Grab while it lasts: deluxe decoration set with 10 exclusive items!
v1.03.1 2011-08-20 • Fixed Facebook-related crashes
v1.03 2011-08-17 • Magic Ruby quest! Find it now :)
• Now you can share Friend Codes via Twitter
• Fixed volume control via hardware buttons
• Fixed multiple crashes on start-up
• Addressed issues related to save games during calls
• Fixed permission requirements for rooted phones
• My Country now available in Russian
v1.02 2011-08-13 • A new way to earn CountryBucks by inviting your friends and sharing friend codes – look for a new option in "Your Office"
• A new link to Facebook community from a blog
• Fixed a case of a dead-end "stuck" quest • My Country now supports variety of medium-sized phones like Samsung Galaxy Ace
• Support for installation to SD card (app2sd) for Android 2.2+ owners
v1.01 2011-08-11 • The entire game